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The Diary Of A Young Girl

This beautifully written memoir of a young girl caught in the middle of one of the most horrific periods of human history and survive in the face of the most adverse of circumstances.


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The single most poignant true-life story to emerge from the Second World  War In July 1942. Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the horrors of  Nazi occupation, hide in the back of an Amsterdam warehouse. Anne is  thirteen when the family goes into the Secret Annexe, and over the next  two years she vividly describes in her diary. The frustrations of living  in such confined quarters, the constant threat of discovery, hunger and  tiredness and, above all, boredom. Her diary ends abruptly when she and  her family are discovered by the Nazis in August 1944. Anne died while imprisoned at Bergen-Belsen, three months short of her sixteenth birthday. But this acute account of her life and the world around her  reveals her as more human, more vulnerable and more vital than ever

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Book Details

Author: Anne Frank
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Genre: Biography
Pages: 280

Book Author

Anne Frank, Born in June 1929, Anne Frank would've probably led a life of obscurity had her diary not published by her father in 1947. She would have remained a number, a faceless statistic lost in some government file, but, it was not to be so. Anne's diary was, for her, a space to express herself in the most honest and candid of terms. She shied away from writing nothing, revealing all and baring her very soul on the pages of the diary

Anne remained in hiding with seven other people in a sealed-off room. Concealed behind a wooden bookcase in the upper annex of the building her father worked. In Amsterdam for two years until they were all caught and transported to different concentration camps. Anne Frank sent to the Bergen-Belsen camp where she died of typhus. A mere two weeks before the camp liberated by British troops. She was fifteen-years-old.

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